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Mr. Vibhuti Mahanta

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Mr Vibhuti Mahanta is an ENT, Head and Neck Surgeon with Peninsula Health and runs a private practice based in Frankston. He offers operating theatre bookings at Peninsula Private Hospital and West Gippsland Healthcare Group.

Mr Mahanta performs the following procedures:
Ear Surgery (Ear drum repair, chronic ear infection, Otosclerosis, surfer’s ear etc.)
Head Neck Surgery (Thyroid gland, Salivary glands, Neck mass, Head and Neck cancer)
Nose and Sinus surgery (Rhinoplasty, deviated nasal septum, chronic sinus infections, nasal polyps)
Paediatric ENT (Tonsils, adenoids, grommets etc.) Snoring and sleep Apnoea (assessment and surgery)

He gained dual ENT fellowship from both Australia and India. He undertook a further 12 months of advanced postgraduate training as a Head and Neck Cancer fellow at Monash Medical Centre, Melbourne. He has worked as a consultant ENT Surgeon in Cairns and Far North Queensland region where he furthered his clinical and surgical experience across a range of routine and complex Otological, Head and Neck, Nose and Paranasal sinus pathologies.

Mr Vibhuti Mahanta will be consulting at Warragul Specialist Centre once a month on a Monday. Please call (03) 5642 6666 to arrange appointments