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How We Can Help

Trained mental health staff available to support you during challenging times – AT NO COST.

I Want Help

If you’re not feeling OK, Head to Health can help you find the best mental health support for you.


All you have to do is call 1800 595 212 to talk to a trained mental health professional.

They will ask a range of questions to understand what support may best fit your needs.

This could include being connected to:

  • services such as Beyond Blue or headspace
  • care at the hubs or through other more suitable services
  • specialist or acute mental health services, including into emergency care.

I Want to Help Someone Else

You may want to help someone who has never felt this way before, or already has a clinically diagnosed mental health condition.


By calling 1800 595 212, Head to Health can help carers and other support people by helping you:

  • recognise when to get help for someone you care about
  • take the first step towards getting the best help for them
  • have difficult conversations
  • support someone to see a health professional
  • get help for you as a carer/support person.

Anyone can call Head to Health on behalf of someone else. This includes: GPs and other mental health providers, school principals, teachers, carers, friends, family, guardians and other people who are natural supports.


You may need to get the person’s consent

If you are calling on behalf of someone else you may need to get the person’s consent. This means they have verbally given you permission to contact this service and they are available to speak with the HeadtoHelp staff if needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Service Work?


Meet Our Team

Martina -  Mental Health Care Coordinator 

Amy - Credentialed Registered Mental Health Nurse

Bron - Drug & Alcohol Support / Enrolled Mental Health Nurse

Melanie - Youth Worker / Domestic Violence Support

Alyssa  – Mental Health Support Worker


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