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Audika is one of the world’s leading networks of hearing care professionals, making a huge difference to the lives of people with hearing difficulties. For over 70 years, they have provided hearing care services to Australians. Whether you have had your hearing tested before, or it’s a totally new experience for you, they will always take extra care to create, ‘the Hearing Life difference’. This is a combination of the very best facilities combined with friendly, professional staff that has a clear focus on addressing your needs. Audika is fully accredited by the Office of Hearing Services to provide subsidised services to pensioners and veterans under the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.

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Beau-Tox Bar offers a range of treatments aimed at restoring your youth and refreshing and renewing your skin. Through non-surgical treatments Beau-Tox Bar can achieve optimal results which will improve your skin and enhance your overall look.

Boost self esteem, increase your confidence and enhance your natural beauty with our customized treatment plans.


Anti-Wrinkle Injections & Dermal Filler to smooth fine lines and wrinkles
Lip Enhancement
Cheek Enhancement
Chin Augmentation
Facial Slimming
Treatment for bruxism (teeth grinding/jaw clenching)
Hand rejuvenation
Neck rejuvenation
Excessive sweating treatment (hyperhidrosis)
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Lisa is a Credentialed Mental Health Nurse with the Australian College of Mental Health Nurses and has twenty years experience working with patients with mental health conditions both in Australia and she also worked in London for five years. Most of her focus has been with adult mental health patients but Lisa has also worked with adolescents and eating disorders and drug and alcohol patients. Lisa has done some training in psychotherapy and ACT and try to work with the patients on an individual basis depending on what their needs might be.

Lisa is available with us on alternating Mondays and Fridays.

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Mr Andreas Carvajal provides services from Gippsland Lung Function at Warragul Specialist Centre.

Tests available:
- Spirometry Pre & Post Bronchodilator (No breathing medicines on day of test)
- Diffusing Capacity (DLCO) (No smoking 4 hours prior to test)
- Bronchial Provocation Test (only available after discussion with physician)